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Reverse Mortgage Stories

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 2017

Born in the 1930's, Mr. Will grew up in southern Mississippi. At the time, shortly after his 18th birthday the Korean War began and off to the military he went to proudly serve his country. After returning home Mr.. Will settled into a job in the hospital system near his hometown. Some years later he married and together he and his wife worked to have a nice home and raised their children. AS the years went by and the children were all grown and moved away from the family home, Mr. will and his wife found themselves taking care of one another. 

Over the years as time and age started to slow them down a bit, the two of them enjoyed spending time together. In 2015 Mr. will's wife became sick and the cost of medical care took its toll on them. Mr. Will a loving and dedicated man tended to his wife's every need. Doing the very best that he could to take care of her and hopefully make her well and comfort her. Unfortunately Mr. Will lost his wife on January 31st , 2017 forever changing the rest of his life.

I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Mr. Will after he contacted our office to inquire about a reverse mortgage loan. As many of my client appointments go, I learned of Mr. Will's wife and the family along with what had sparked his interest ion the reverse mortgage loan through our company 1st Legacy Capital LLC NMLS #1547824. He explained to me that the most important thing to him over the last few years was the care of his ailing wife. During that time many things had gone neglected around the home and he hoped that the reverse mortgage loan could help I'm to get them done. As he told me of how much he missed his wife and of the loneliness he has, I looked around and could see the things that needed repaired. There were holes in the roof, rotten wood, flaking paint and several other things.

After Ken Freshwater, NMLS 266772 and I were there with Mr. Will going over the details of the reverse mortgage proposal that we prepared just for him, Mr. Will contacted and completed the HUD required counseling. From there, myself along with Ken walked Mr. Will through the process step by step.

I will never forget the day that  I signed the application package with Mr. Will to set out on the path to complete his wishes. Just before I was about to leave as I stood up from the table,. Mr. Will looked up at me and said: "Before you go, please tell me one more thing."

I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was concerned and I sat back down and looked at him and asked; " What is it Mr. Will?" He replied; "Can you tell me that I can stop worrying? I mean do you think you can get this done?" I reached across the table and placed my hand on top of his hand and said; "Mr. Will, whatever it takes, we will get it done."

After completing the reverse mortgage for Mr. Will, we were able to make his home repairs and get a new roof among other things along with some additional money to go toward the debts that remained after his wile's illness. 

Today, I take time out to call Mr. Will from time to time and when I am near his home I stop in to check on him. I believe that serving others through our business is what its all about. I will make update to the article from time to time so be sure to check back.

Andy Shurden NMLS #1450322

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